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Why do we sleep under blankets, but not our ears? Discover the 'Perfect 10' series: nonstop noises and calming sounds ideal to sleep with. Sonic blankets for your ears... at last!

Depending on your sleeping habits, you may like to sleep in a silent or a noisy environment. The baseline has probably been set during your childhood.

If your sleeping room is too quiet, and you miss a certain level of noise, then you can artificially add one by playing one of our Perfect 10 videos, while sleeping.

A silent room can be also a place where you may be easily distracted by the slightest sounds around. Usually, you may not notice these quiet sounds, but if you do, and do find them annoying, then you will have a problem. It can be the noise of a distant neighbor’s television set, or your tinnitus. And as you get even more irritated, the situation can only get worse!

The solution is to find another noise that you enjoy better, and that is capable of making the nuisance noise disappear. You will then use this sound as a noise blocker − this video for example. Because the sound of this video sounds even, and doesn’t change over time, your brain will wipe it out from your conscious mind after a couple of minutes, sometimes even less. That’s right, you won’t hear it anymore.

Our brain excels at filtering out constant stimuli. Think about it; it doesn’t make sense for the brain to devote energy to processing an input that does not change, especially when it is time to shut down and sleep! So, faster than you could have imagined, you will enjoy sleeping in a very particular silence: a silence made by a sound that gets ignored by the brain, but still masks the original nuisance!

Enjoy a Perfect 10... hours of sleep!

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