Happy Mass Birthday Full Song || Hemachandra & Sravana Bhargavi || Directed by Rohit Bommakanti

I feel, there’s no need to describe about this song.. Although.. I HAVE TO SAY that I would love to see you all just BOUNCING TO THE BEAT!! And yeah, ofcourse we, as a team, already did and have set soooo much love. Just groove to it on ur birthdays and use it for giving birthday bums to ur friends and their friends on & on & on.... 😜😜
Bang on!! Hit it big by turning the volume up guys!! 🤟🏻

Directed By - Rohit Bommakanti
Starring - Hemachandra & Sravana Bhargavi
Asst. Director - Anirudh Patri
Creative Associate - Jayadev Vukkalam
Produced By - Shikhara Chandrika
Music - Hemachandra Vedala
Mixing and Mastering - Bhanu, Jubilee 10 Studios
Cinematography - Levitate Photography
Editor - Boyana Venkateswarlu
Chorus - Sri Lakshmanachary College of Music
Violin - Aarabhi - The violin school
Wardrobe Partners - G-Twins, Himayath Nagar
Executive Producer - Suresh
Poster Design - Praveen Reddy M
Promotional Partners - RamIT Solutions

by 2018-08-15 3,641,840x downloaded 45,646 0 3:11

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